The Politics of Pink, An Interview with Gayle Sulik

WISH ReThinkPinkSummit 2014-02-01 at 9.18.39 AMBreast cancer used to be a tragedy, something that was not okay. There was no glory, or honor, or cuteness. Now, thanks to the commercialization of the cause, the disease has been glorified, a girly version of the hero’s journey. Run the race, wear the T-shirt, buy the teddy bear. And if you’re one of the survivors, you may even get your name printed on the back of a bucket of deep fried chicken.

It’s about time someone started to untie the pink ribbon, take the cuteness out of cancer, and start doing something to give women back their health and their dignity.

Here to help make it happen at the Rethink Pink Summit is the author of “Pink Ribbon Blues,” Gayle Sulik.

Gayle Sulik’s Interview »

Cancer is not a ribbon, a screening test, or a leisure activity. It is not a sassy t-shirt, a proclamation of survivorship, or a gift worth giving. It is …a disease process that ignites what is all too often a cycle of medical surveillance and interventions…For too many, it will be the eventual cause of death…They deserve better than this, and so do we.

– Gayle Sulik

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