Heartfelt Testimonials about Gayle Sulik's Writing, Speaking, and Editing Work!

Gayle Sulik is a wise and provocative voice.

Exploring all issues related to breast cancer, bless Gayle Sulik for her consistent, persistent, brilliant, acidic pieces on pernicious pink ribbon culture.

– Peggy Orenstein, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Cinderella Ate My Daughter and Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape

Gayle Sulik is a dynamic, informative speaker.

She has an uncanny ability to apply her extensive knowledge and powerful insights with a delightful sense of humor to create powerful and compelling presentations.

– Astrid Eich-Krohm, Institute of General Medicine, Otto-von-Guericke University

Gayle Sulik brought her eagle editing eye to an earlier draft of my book and has been an amazing support.

— Mindy Fried, Author of Caring for Red: A Daughter’s Memoir

Gayle Sulik has challenged us to rethink the marketing campaigns that tug at our heart strings, and moreover, whether we as individuals are actually supporting the causes we have been led to believe are important.

– Lauren Appelwick, Oxford University Press Blog Editor (2011-2012)

Reminiscent of Jean Kilbourne’s work on gender in advertising, Gayle Sulik’s talk had fascinating images that reflected the social construction of meaning around one of the most popularized diseases of our time.

Her talks at Texas Tech University generated lively and productive discussion that was very well received by researchers and health care workers, students, faculty and staff.

– Charlotte Chorn Dunham, Director of Women’s Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology, Texas Tech University

With her editing, Gayle Sulik meticulously and conscientiously works to maintain the heart of the content while enhancing the author’s voice.

– Jennifer Tirrell, Head Librarian, Flintridge Preparatory School

Gayle Sulik’s talk was downright awesome.  

Her presentation was informative, provocative, and really well-delivered.  I am so glad she is spreading awareness about the unintended consequences of spreading awareness. This is really important work.

– Kris De Welde, Ph.D., Director of General Education, Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University

Gayle Sulik understands the emotional sway and personal impact pink culture holds.

She skillfully unpacks the financially lucrative pink ribbon marketing culture through a dynamic presentation, deconstructing the larger than life commercial images that surround us in our daily lives.

– Dr. Beverly Yuen Thompson, Assistant Professor, Siena College

Working on this paper, I became fully aware that reading in a foreign language (even speaking) is quite a different skill than writing in it!

— Edyta Zierkiewicz, co-Author of “Gender, Power, and Feminisms in Breast Cancer Advocacy”