Speaking Topics

Select Keynotes

  • #ReThinkPink: The Changing Landscape of Breast Cancer Advocacy
  • The big business of breast cancer
  • How breast cancer became one of America’s most popular brands
  • From ta-tas to boobies bracelets: Is the sexualization of breast cancer helping women or the Cause?
  • What is breast cancer awareness, and what could it be?

Breast Cancer Workshops

  • Breast Cancer 101: How to create a game-changing breast cancer awareness campaign
  • Evaluating philanthropy: How to know if your donations are going to the right place
  • The breast cancer awareness pitch: How to deconstruct breast cancer ads and marketing materials

Academic Workshops

  • Is public scholarship right for you? Thinking inside and outside the Academy
  • Building bridges: Using social media to engage the “real” world
  • Writing across audiences: What do you do, and how do you do it?
  • From dissertation to book: Practical steps for breaking down the process and moving forward. Slides »  Handouts » [2015 ASA Professional Development Workshop, with Dawn Norris and Tristan Bridges]

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