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Breast Cancer Awareness Month and “Pink Ribbon Blues”

America’s Radio News Network, Afternoon Edition, host, Timothy Burg. October 13, 2011

Timothy Burg interviews Dr. Gayle Sulik about how breast cancer culture undermines women’s health.

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“Pink Ribbon Blues” with Gayle Sulik

America’s Radio News Network, Mid-Day Edition with Lori Lundin and Chris Salcedo, October 7, 2011

Lori and Chris interview Dr. Gayle Sulik about her book, breast cancer fundraising, and awareness.

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“Pink Ribbon Culture” and Breast Cancer

The Kojo Nnamdi Show on NPR Affiliate WAMU (88.5). July 5, 2011. 1:oo PM EST

Contemporary breast cancer awareness is perky, positive, and, above all, pink. With more and more products going pink for breast cancer, it may be relevant to consider how the “pinkification” of the disease has shaped the reality of breast cancer in America today. We talk with sociologist and author Gayle Sulik about the impact of “pink ribbon culture” on breast cancer and women’s health.

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In the Pink? Examining Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns

Second Opinion Live on Reach MD with Doctors Michael Greenberg, MD and Matthew Birnholz MD, XM Radio. April 18, 2011

Pink ribbon campaigns have been highly successful in rallying recognition and funding around breast cancer. But our guest thinks the cheerful image of such campaigns whitewashes realities of the disease, both in terms of statistics and patient experiences. Plus: Warnings about the drug cocktail known as “bath salts,” and a novel innovation for biomarking GI ailments with color.

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Breast Cancer Research Awareness

The Dr. Laura Berman Show on Oprah Radio, Dr. Laura Berman, October 20, 2010 (audio clip posted Oct. 21)

Oprah Radio host Dr. Laura Berman talks with Gayle Sulik, author of Pink Ribbon Blues, about breast cancer awareness, where your donations for research are going and the downfalls of what Gayle calls “breast cancer culture.”

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Pink Ribbons: Are They Really Improving Women’s Health?

Back Again with Keith & Jocelyn, WYBCX, Hosts, Keith Kountz and Jocelyn Maminta, November 3, 2010

Hosts, Keith Kountz and Jocelyn Maminta, asked about the rise of the pink ribbon, the pervasiveness of pinking and cause marketing, and the impact of the current pink ribbon climate.

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Cause Marketing

The Stupid Cancer Show, a production of the I’m Too Young For This Cancer Foundation, hosts, Matthew Zachary and Lisa Bernhard, November 15, 2010

Hosted by young adult survivors Lisa Bernhard – acclaimed journalist, former Entertainment Correspondent for FOX News and former Deputy Editor of TV Guide – and i[2]y Founder/CEO Matthew Zachary, this edgy and irreverent broadcast challenges the status quo, helping young adults fight cancer every day.” This episode focuses on the promises and pitfalls of companies that are engaging social issues or teaming up with nonprofits in cause marketing scenarios. Guests are David Hessekiel, the founder and president of the Cause Marketing Forum and Gayle Sulik, PhD, author of Pink Ribbon Blues: How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health.

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Breast Cancer Awareness and Cancer Fundraising

Gesundheit! with Jacobus Radio Show, AM 1450, November 27, 2010

During the October Breast Cancer Awareness drive an obscene amount of money was raised as it has been since 1991. On Thanksgiving Saturday morning from 8-11 Jacobus interviews Gayle Sulik, a Medical Sociologist who wrote a powerful book about the successful fundraising efforts for cancer research, and breast cancer in particular, but the failing results. Gayle Sulik’s “Pink Ribbon Blues – How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health” to open our eyes about the steam-rolling cancer industry.

The Cultural Messages Behind Breast Cancer

Reality Check with Amanda Marcotte, December 20, 2010. [Picked up by Liquida (Dec. 20, 2010)]

Amanda Marcott asks Dr. Sulik about the the surface level of many awareness efforts, the idealized image of the heroic breast cancer survivor (the she-ro), “sexy” breast cancer imagery and advertising, and the struggle to uphold that model after a diagnosis.

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“Pink Ribbon Blues” — Changing Tide in Breast Cancer Politics

In the Den with Dr. Jenn, Session 110, October 25, 2010

Dr. Jenn chats with Gayle Sulik, Ph.D. and author of Pink Ribbon Blues, about the social, political and capitalistic impact on breast cancer awareness.

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An Interview with Dr. Gayle Sulik

NPR Connecticut Public Radio. October 21, 2010

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