Call for Proposals: Campus Visits for SWS Feminist Lecturer, Gayle Sulik

I am deeply honored to have received the 2013 Sociologists for Women in Society Distinguished Feminist Lecturer award this year. The SWS Distinguished Lectureship was founded in 1985 as a way of recognizing members whose scholarship employs a feminist perspective, and of making this feminist scholar available to campuses that are isolated, rural, located away from major metropolitan areas, bereft of the resources needed to invite guest speakers, and/or characterized by hostility to feminist scholarship. A key goal of the program is to provide a feminist voice on campuses where such a perspective is unusual. Past winners are s/heroes of mine, so I am truly humbled to receive this recognition for my work and have an opportunity to share it.

Here are the fliers and information about how to submit an application to SWS to bring the feminist lecturer (me) to your campus. You must be an SWS member to apply, but membership to this organization is worthwhile in its own right. If you have any questions, please contact the committee chair, Shannon Davis (email:  Download a PDF of the flier.

Submit your Application for a Campus Visit!

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